Sherrill Furniture

Since its inception in 1944, Sherrill Furniture has continuously worked to perfect the art of combining the highest-quality materials with time-honored techniques to produce high-end upholstery that lasts for generations. It strives to exceed all of your expectations regarding not only quality and style, but also innovation and service. Each piece of furniture touches the hands of 75 skilled artisans who meticulously work to ensure every crevice, joint and seam is flawless.

Each piece is manufactured domestically in North Carolina in order to maintain quality standards while aiding the local economy.

Sherrill’s collections are full of timeless traditional pieces as well as modern pieces to make your furniture match perfectly with your design sense. In order to always keep their selections fresh, Sherrill introduces new styles at least twice a year.

Every piece of furniture is custom made. From the fabric to the leg styling to the nail head size, you can be confident that your sofa is uniquely yours.