Deliveries & Policies

Delivery Information

Nearly all of our deliveries will originate from North Carolina. Deliveries to the western part of the United States can take about three to four weeks, depending on the amount of freight the delivery company has at the time of the release. East Coast deliveries typically take about 2-3 weeks once the order has been released. There are some exceptions, and certain states may have longer delivery times. 

The delivery company will contact you a minimum of 10-14 business days after the release of the order. At that time, you will be given an estimated date and time for the delivery. Because there are many deliveries on a truck, the actual arrival time may not be precise. The delivery company makes deliveries seven days a week, possibly early in the morning until late at night. Please keep in mind the delivery service travels hundreds of miles and adaptability to change is both expected and appreciated. 

If your home is not accessible by the delivery truck, they will transport your furniture to the nearest accessible point, and it will be your responsibility to provide a means of transportation from the truck to your home. The in-home delivery service will provide two delivery people to unload, uncrate, and place your furniture. If you have any concerns, please discuss them with the delivery service when they contact you to schedule your delivery. Please be sure that the furniture you have ordered will fit in the designated rooms, and through all entrances and hallways. If maneuverability is limited, neither the delivery service nor Lexington Furniture Company will be responsible for any damage that could result in attempting placement. No returns or refunds are allowed for item(s) that cannot be delivered due to size and space constraints. You must accept your delivery as ordered. 

The in-home delivery service insures your delivery for transit damage, and the manufacturer warrants your furniture for defects in material and workmanship. Lexington Furniture Company insures your order for any re-delivery charges if you require a return delivery due to transit damage or manufacturer defect. If you cannot be there to accept the delivery, please arrange to have a responsible person present to accept your delivery. The delivery service will rely upon his or her signature as authorized to inspect and accept delivery. If you cancel your scheduled delivery or no one is home to accept the delivery, a re-delivery fee may be charged. It is not the responsibility of the delivery service to remove packaging, cartons, or crates. This is a violation of the ICC rules. The delivery service will place them in a location that you specify in your home.

Service Information

We pride ourselves on our commitment to service that every sales associate provides to each client. Our integrity is important to us, and we feel it is our obligation to be sure our customers are aware of and understand the process of purchasing furniture. Lexington Furniture has established policies and procedures, which you agree to at the time your order is placed. 

It is imperative that you inspect each piece of furniture while the delivery service is still in your home. ALL damaged or defective items should be returned with the in-home delivery service. Please do not allow the driver to persuade you to keep items which you feel should be returned. When the delivery service asks you to sign that your product is in good condition, you must inspect it very carefully. If you discover a problem with your product during inspection, refuse the item and note the problem on the bill of lading. A signed bill of lading without notation implies everything is satisfactory and may limit your ability to receive service. Please return only the unacceptable item(s) and not any companion pieces. 

If your delivery is during our normal business hours (9am-6pm EST Monday to Friday), please call us with any questions or concerns. We will be happy to talk with you and/or the delivery team. Upon returning to the delivery service, a quality control representative from the delivery company will determine whether the item needs to be restored, repaired, or replaced by the manufacturer. We will work with the delivery company to ensure the process is done in a timely fashion. In order to give your returned item(s) the care and attention it requires, please allow us adequate time to evaluate the problem. 

Lexington Furniture Company’s customer service representative, Joe Baughn, is available to keep you updated with the status of your order. You may contact him at any time at (859) 351-8948 or at 

If you notice damage or defect after the in-home delivery service has left your home, you must contact customer service at Lexington Furniture Company immediately. In these instances, you may be required to pay additional shipping, repair, and/or replacement charges. Any piece that is refused due to damage will be inspected by a qualified technician provided by the delivery company to determine whether the item needs to be repaired or replaced. (Note: The replacement of damaged furniture is at the discretion of the manufacturer.) Many times, the materials used in the production of furniture are natural and contain certain inherent characteristics that may appear to be a flaw, but in reality are acceptable within the standards set forth by the manufacturer. A qualified craftsman can usually correct cosmetic or minor problems. Remember that furniture is both man-made and hand-made out of natural products. It is possible that a repaired item can be as good as, if not better, than a replacement. 

Lexington Furniture Company WILL NOT be responsible for the repair or replacement of items unless damages and/or defects are noted on the original bill of lading. Fossil stone, marble, and granite are natural products. Inconsistencies in color and grain should be expected and appreciated. These characteristics are within industry standards and are acceptable.

Warranty Information

Lexington Furniture Company warrants that all merchandise will be shipped in a condition that meets standards set by the furniture manufacturer. All our products come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, which varies in length from one year to “limited lifetime.” We will repair or replace, at our option, any defective merchandise or any merchandise damaged in transit at no charge.  

Specifics on warranty services will vary depending on the manufacturer. Most warranties will generally be attached in the form of a hang tag when you receive your new furniture. Warranties apply only to the original purchaser upon proof of purchase. Defects caused by abuse or negligence are not covered. We do not warrant the wearing ability, colorfastness, stretching or shrinking of furniture coverings. Colors may vary somewhat due to dye lot variations and therefore we cannot assume responsibility for shade variations between sample swatches and the final product. Color and grain variations in wood and leather are nature’s own and enhance the value of your furniture. 

Additionally, the inherent characteristics of fine woods affect how they absorb stain. As a result, Lexington Furniture Company cannot ensure the matching of related pieces or various surface stains on the same item. If you have seen a piece at a different location, the possibility exists that the shade of the piece you receive may vary due to different production runs and different manufacturing dates. Fossil stone, marble, and granite are natural products. Inconsistencies in color and grain should be expected and appreciated. These characteristics are within industry standards and are acceptable.

Miscellaneous Notes

What should I know about my furniture? 

 – All beds come with some form of support system that touches the floor underneath the bed and will be able to be seen from the end of the bed. 

– Wood furniture needs to be cared for only with approved cleaners and polishes. Use of some types of cleaners will damage the finish of your furniture. This will not be covered by your warranty. If you need direction on which type of cleaner to use, feel free to call us.

Return Policy

Lexington Furniture Company orders furniture direct from the manufacturers specifically for you. Many times, the fabric or leather, finish colors, and other options are ordered based on your choice. Therefore, once an order has been processed, put into production, or has shipped from the manufacturer, it cannot be canceled for any reason. Due to the level of customization of your order, no refunds are available if a shipment is refused. No refund will be given for damaged merchandise, as we reserve the right to repair damaged furniture, whatever the cause.