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How to Place an Order

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Ordering Information
To place your order, click on the “Order Here Now” box. That will open a printable version of our order form. Please fill out the form completely and email to joe@lexfurniture.com or fax to 859-255-2514. We require a 50% deposit, payable by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or any kind of check.

A copy of your sales invoice will be sent to you after your order has been placed. Please review your copy of the invoice that has been sent to you for accuracy. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your sales associate immediately.

The balance due on the order, including any delivery charges, will be automatically charged to the credit card on your order once the furniture ships from the manufacturer and is received at the delivery company. (If you paid with another form, we will contact you then). You will receive an email detailing the transaction including some in-home delivery information sent to the email address provided on the order form. *Please note on the order form if you would like to be contacted BEFORE your balance is charged.

Lexington Furniture Company’s sales are all special orders – furniture ordered especially for you from the manufacturer. We do not order or deliver furniture ‘on approval’.

Lexington Furniture Company cannot be responsible for errors pertaining to information you may have received from other sources. If there are costs associated to correcting these errors, it will be done at your request and expense. This includes, but not limited to, finishes, leather and fabric samples, and any other information that you have seen or collected from other places including but not limited to other stores or other websites. Please make sure to double check item numbers or names of leathers and fabrics that you may have received from other sources. We want to insure that you get the furniture the way that you want it and getting the item, fabric, and leather numbers correct is an important step. We will be happy to order fabric samples (no charge) or wood samples (charge basis) to make sure all is correct before you order.

ALL orders are special orders from the manufacturer, made specifically for you! Delivery times vary greatly depending on what you order, vary by the manufacturer and availability. Typical delivery time to you is approximately 10 and 12 weeks. This is only an estimate, NOT A GUARANTEE. When it comes to order times, we are at the mercy of the manufacturer and their production and shipping schedules. Lexington Furniture cannot be responsible for delays due to production scheduling or availability or frames, fabrics, or leathers.

Our ability to cancel or change your order will be determined by our ability to cancel or change your order with the manufacturer. Once an order has been entered into production or shipped it is not possible to cancel or make any changes. Your order must be accepted as ordered. If we are able to cancel your order with the manufacturer we will gladly refund your deposit.

After the final payment has been made, we will release your order to the delivery service, and your delivery will be scheduled on the first available truck in your area.

Please note that when we have a sale, it is for the dates of the sale period only, and does not include previously placed orders.

By including your email address on the order form, you are giving us permission to use the email for correspondance pertaining to your order and the order/delivery process. Your email address will be used solely by Lexington Furniture Company. Your information will not be sold or traded.

UPS Orders
Orders for any items which are sent via UPS directly to you from the manufacturer MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE THE ORDER IS PLACED. Any order sent via UPS that is damaged will be the responsibility of the receiver to report a damage claim with UPS. It is the preference of Lexington Furniture Company to ship furniture through our in-home delivery service. There is a much lower ratio of damage when shipped this way. We will UPS pieces at your request only and it will be your responsibility if damage occurs.

Return Policy
Lexington Furniture Company orders furniture direct from the manufacturers specifically for you. Many times, the fabric or leather, finish colors, or any other options are all ordered based on your choice. Therefore, once an order has been processed, put into production, or has shipped from the manufacturer, it cannot be canceled for any reason. Due to the level of customization of your order, no refunds are available if a shipment is refused. No refund will be given for damaged merchandise, as we reserve the right to repair damaged furniture, whatever the cause.

Sales Tax
Lexington Furniture Company collects sales tax only on items delivered or picked up within the state of KY. Residents of other states may be subject to a “use tax” on the use of property within a particular jurisdiction. Currently, some states are taking an active approach to collecting sales tax. It is quite possible you might receive a use tax bill in the mail from your state revenue department. We encourage you to consult your state and local tax laws in order to determine their amount of liability, if any.

Fabric/Leather Samples
Most of the upholstery lines we carry offer a wide range of fabric and leather selections. Memo or small samples of fabrics and leathers can be ordered from the manufacturers and sent to you via USPS. Prices on individual samples may vary.

Most manufacturers accept Customer’s Own Material (COM) or Customer’s Own Leather (COL). This allows you to purchase fabric/leather from another source and send it to us to forward to the manufacturer to apply to your order. Please request specific information from your sales associate to calculate your yardage requirements.

Send fabric prepaid to:

Lexington Furniture Company
3024 Blake James Dr.
Lexington, KY 40509
Attn: (Sales Associate)
Sidemark: Your Last Name

Lexington Furniture Company is not responsible for the application of the COM or COL. If you would like leftover COM or COL returned with your purchase, you must state on your order to “RETURN ALL SCRAPS”. If you have purchased your fabric at a discount outlet, we recommend that you inspect the fabric thoroughly. Many times there are defects, which can be difficult to detect. Cotton prints are sometimes not squarely printed acrpss the width of the fabric. Please be sure the fabric you have selected is dimensionally stable for the selected application. Lexington Furniture Company accepts no responsibility for defects or flaws in COM or COL.