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Wesley Allen When you are choosing a bed, you want something that matches your personality, looks great with your current decor, and will last for years to come. With Wesley Allen, that is exactly what you are going to get, and so much more. Your bed is too important to settle for anything but the best, which is exactly what Wesley Allen will give you.

Since 1976, Wesley Allen has been committed to building a solid iron bed that can fit in with any lifestyle. From a royal castle to an urban loft, Wesley Allen has a bed that will bring any space to life. By offering complete customization options, Wesley Allen allows you to build the bed of your dreams from the ground up. Once you place your order, they will get to work meticulously handcrafting your masterpiece.

Why Choose Wesley Allen?

Their bed frames are handcrafted to ensure top quality. When Wesley Allen makes a bed, they do it right. Each piece of heavy gauge iron is hand-welded to create the sturdiest bed frame available. Their decorative cast elements are formed around the bed frame, instead of having to attach them after production. Even the finishes are applied by hand one layer at a time.

They don't make your bed until you order it. Every single bed made at Wesley Allen is made to order, which means you are in charge of even the most minute detail on your bed. From the finish, to the design, to the texture, you can decide it all. With 30 finishes, and over 100 exclusive designs to choose from, you will easily be able to create a bed that will complete your room with perfection.

Their beds come with a limited lifetime worry. Wesley Allen builds their beds so well that they can easily offer a lifetime warranty on their workmanship, which is important to note because most bed manufacturers only offer a one-year warranty.

They operate solely in the United States. When you buy from Wesley Allen, you are keeping jobs in the country and supporting the economy.

They operate with efficiency in mind. A lot of companies use ecofriendly processes, but few can say the have one of the largest solar energy systems in Southern California.