1132 Industry Road, Lexington, KY 40505

Vanguard Furniture If you are looking for quality, high-end furniture, but you don't want to pay the high-end price tag, Vanguard Furniture is an excellent choice. What began with two employees and the perfect velvet chair has transformed into one of the leading furniture companies in the country. With old-fashioned values, a commitment to keep their customers and employees happy, and an innovative design style, Vanguard Furniture is an excellent choice for any room in your home.

For Vanguard Furniture, the secret is in the details, and this is where they really shine. From only using the best materials to adding unique personality to each piece, Vanguard Furniture will bring a touch of flair to your home while providing you with quality items that will last a lifetime. Whether you need a new bed, a stylish sofa suitable for your family, or a simple accent piece that will really wow, Vanguard Furniture can deliver exactly what you desire at a value that can't be beat.

Why Choose Vanguard Furniture?

They aim for 100% satisfaction. Vanguard Furniture is committed to doing whatever it takes to keep their customers happy, which means you know you won't be let down with a purchase of their furniture.

They pay attention to the details. Every piece of Vanguard Furniture is designed to be a standout piece. From the perfect curve to the ideal finish, no detail is left unnoticed.

They have a vast selection. Vanguard Furniture has something for every room in your home that will coordinate flawlessly with whatever your design scheme is. From stellar sofas to dapper dining sets, if you need a piece of furniture, Vanguard has it.

They lead the industry in style, value, and service. After all, vanguard is also a noun that means a "leading position in a trend or movement". They are innovative thinkers who have been staying ahead of the curve for over 40 years, and they don't plan on stopping any time soon.

They make quality a priority. With a motto of "Do it right the first time, every time", you know that you are going to get a piece of furniture that was built to last. With kiln-dried hardwood frames, 8-way hand-tied innersprings, and hand-finished casegoods, it is clear that Vanguard Furniture just doesn't cut corners.