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Theodore Alexander If awe-inspiring, stunning, and unique are what you are after, look no further than Theodore Alexander. The innovative furniture line was founded by Englishman Paul Maitland Smith in 1996. After spending 25 years transforming high-end furniture production in Asia, he decided it was time to create his own masterpieces. Today, Theodore Alexander has a global reach and is one of the largest manufacturers of furniture in SE Asia. Their line boasts over 4,000 inspired designs that will bring sophistication and style to any space.

In addition to creating some of the most unique furniture pieces available today, Theodore Alexander also puts supreme importance on quality. Each and every item they produce is expertly made by hand using traditional craftsmanship and tried-and-true techniques. When you buy Theodore Alexander furniture, you can be sure you are getting a high-quality statement piece that is functional, built to last, and truly inspirational.

Why Choose Theodore Alexander?

An expert artisan handcrafts each piece of furniture. The result is stop-in-your-track-worthy pieces that will last for generations. From hand carvings to hand paintings, attention is given to every square inch of every piece of furniture. From desks to console tables to accent chairs, when you buy an item from Theodore Alexander, you can expect it to be a show stopper.

Their quality is unsurpassed. In fact, it's what they are known for above all else. Theodore Alexander furniture will look just as spectacular in your great-great-grandchild's home as it did in yours.

They have something for everyone. It doesn't matter if your home is a contemporary creation or if it is traditional to the core, you will easily be able to find the perfect piece for your home out of one of the 4,000 designs available.

They operate with the highest ethics. Yes, they practice eco-friendly practices, reduce their waste, and recycle anything and everything that they can. But above that, Theodore Alexander is committed to only using wood from environmentally responsible suppliers. If they don't know where the wood came from, they don't buy it.

Their designs are one of a kind. When it comes to innovation, Theodore Alexander is a true pioneer in the industry. They always strive to use the most intriguing, unique materials to create pieces of furniture that are just as beautiful as they are functional.