1132 Industry Road, Lexington, KY 40505

Taylor King When you are in need of an impeccably styled sofa that was engineered by true masters, then look no further than Taylor King. As a 30-year-old company, they strive for their customers to be completed satisfied in every sense of the word. To do this, they craft a product with quality that can't be beat and offer customization options as deep as their roots. They operate with a sense of pride and determination that their product, and the people that make it, are second to none.

Taylor King's designs focus on classic silhouettes, but their vast fabric selection allows creativity to reign. From vintage-inspired prints to patterns that can be mistaken as art, Taylor King is always in tune with the current trends and timeless styles that are the backbone of the upholstery industry.

Why Choose Taylor King?

Each piece they sell is bench made for maximum quality. There are no production lines at Taylor King. A true craftsman builds every aspect of their furniture with his bare hands. The springs are hand-tied at eight different pressure points, and then placed into the frame, sometimes up to four rows high. The kiln-dried hardwood is cut and screwed by hand, and even the fabric skirts are individually ironed to perfection.

You can customize their furniture as far as your creativity can take you. Taylor King boasts one of the most comprehensive fabric selections in the industry, and they are always developing new exclusive styles to ensure you can find exactly what you are looking for. Even their finishes can be altered to flawlessly blend with your existing decor.

They focus on comfort. While a lot of brands offer customization, very few of them offer a choice on the type of cushion your chair or sofa can have. At Taylor King, they over a variety of premium seat cushion options, which include materials like memory foam and down, so that you can enjoy sitting in your furniture as much as you enjoy looking at it.

They strive for zero waste. When you purchase from socially responsible companies, you are contributing to the fight to save the planet. Taylor King continuously strives to become a company without any waste, even if it means cutting into their bottom line.