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If you are looking for a sofa that is made with precision and will match your style perfectly, Sherrill is the company you have been searching for. Since their inception in 1944, they have continuously worked to perfect the art of combining the highest-quality materials with time-honored techniques to produce high-end upholstery to last for generations. They strive to exceed all of your expectations regarding not only quality and style, but also innovation and service.

When it comes to attention to detail, nobody takes this promise more seriously than Sherrill. They believe that what you don't see is what really matters, and their workmanship standards are unparalleled in the industry. Each piece of furniture touches the hands of 75 skilled artisans that meticulously work to ensure every crevice, joint, and seam is flawless. When you buy a piece of upholstery from Sherrill, you can be assured that you are getting a true work of art that will be beautiful and comfortable for a very long time.

Why Choose Sherrill?

Every item is handmade to perfection. From the frames to the joints to the springs to the fabric, Sherrill produces upholstery pieces that are the result of true craftsmen that take pride in everything they do. Each piece is manufactured domestically in North Carolina in order to maintain quality standards while aiding the local economy.

Their quality is unmatched in the industry. If there is a high-end feature you are looking for, Sherrill is sure to have it, including: eight-way, hand-tied springs, glued and screwed corner blocks, high density foam, and the best fabrics available. When you purchase a sofa from Sherrill, you can expect to enjoy it for a very long time.

They are always introducing new styles. Sherrill's collections are full of timeless traditional pieces as well as modern masterpieces to make your furniture match perfectly with your design sense. In order to always keep their selections fresh, Sherrill introduces new styles at least twice a year, which are always innovative and inline with current trends.

You can customize every detail. Every piece of furniture is custom made, which means you get to design the perfect addition to your home from the ground up. From the fabric to the leg styling to the nailhead size, you can be confident that your sofa is uniquely yours.