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Randall Allan If you are in search of a piece of leather furniture that embodies elegance while being supremely comfortable, then Randall Allan may be the perfect company for you. They are a domestic company located in Hickory, North Carolina, that makes value, quality, and service their top priorities. From executive office chairs to focal-point-worthy sofas, Randall Allan has perfected the art of producing quality leather furniture at an affordable price.

The Randall Allan furniture line has something for everyone, no matter what design style you prefer: One piece will have straight lines with exposed chrome and the next will have a rounded back with tufting. Either way, they ensure that only top quality materials go into the construction of their furniture, and they have designs that will make you stop in your tracks. Whether you are looking for an enviable accent piece or a sophisticated living room set, Randall Allan will provide you with the comfort you desire and the stylishness you deserve.

Why Choose Randall Allan?

They have sleek recliners. When you picture a recliner, you probably imagine something puffy, old-fashioned, and definitely not something you want in your living room. However, Randall Allan breaks the mold of traditional recliners and provides a huge collection of sleek, sophisticated ones that you will be proud to display in your home.

Their furniture is well built. At Randall Allan, they pull out all the stops. From 8-way, hand-tied springs to kiln-dried hardwood frames to top grain leather, they don't take any shortcuts when it comes to their construction. Even their nail head trim is made from solid brass. When you buy a piece of Randall Allan furniture, you can plan on enjoying it for years to come.

Their styles are timeless. Since their furniture is built to last a long time, it is important that their designs will look good no matter how the trends change. From regal wingbacks with tufted backs to sculpted styles with metal accents, their aesthetics will never go out of style.

They price their furniture in order to offer a tremendous value. Even though Randall Allan never cuts corners when it comes the materials they use during construction, they have developed manufacturing processes that allow them to offer their furniture for an astonishing value.