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Lorts If you are looking for wooden furniture with a unique finish or distressing technique, then Lorts may have the perfect new addition for your home. They are a third-generation family-owned company that has been through their share of ups and downs since their creation in 1966. With each trial, Lorts came out on the other side stronger and more dedicated to their goal of creating legendary wooden furniture at a reasonable price.

Lorts is known in the industry for their abundance of wood finishes and distressing methods and their versatility in creating custom pieces. If you are looking for a high-quality end table, dresser, desk, or even upholstered chair with exposed wood, Lorts will provide you with stylish furniture that transcends time, fashions, and fads.

Why Choose Lorts?

They offer hundreds of wood finish and distressing options. Lorts has the art of distressing perfected: You can buy a brand new piece of furniture that has the look of a 100-year-old antique. They have virtually any stain or paint color you could imagine, and each one is hand applied by a skilled craftsman to ensure it stays looking like new for years to come. From out-of-the-box colors like eggplant and ruby to traditional finishes like walnut and pecan, Lorts has something for every imagination.

They let you customize. Of course you can select from their finish options to create a piece that is uniquely yours, but Lorts also lets you make modifications on their existing items, or you can even sketch something you would like them to build from the ground up. From tweaking dimensions to designing a casegood item to fit precisely in your home, Lorts will get it done.

Their furniture uses high-end materials. When Lorts makes a piece of furniture, they make it right. From their solid hardwoods, like alder, to their additional hand-applied wax finish, you don't need to wonder if a piece of furniture from Lorts is going to last.