1132 Industry Road, Lexington, KY 40505

John-Richard John-Richard is a company that prides itself on iconic tradition. Other furniture manufacturers may give into trends and the ever-changing world of design, but the experts at John-Richard create artistic pieces with their own classic style. They provide the designs that influence the world of interior fashion and inspire others, because it's not enough to follow the same path as other manufacturing companies. John-Richard strives to be the one that others look to for direction. They focus their attention on superb quality, distinctive style and exceptional value.

The John-Richard Difference

Each season, the craftsmen at John-Richard introduce close to a thousand new pieces, something in every design category. Their experts travel off the beaten path to find style that is exotic and rich without being stuffy or overdone. They sit on city buses, get coffee at fashionable bistros and examine the architecture from cities all over looking for inspiration. Through eyes that travel the world, their trendsetters create:

Accent furniture
Case goods

There is something right for every home and style preference.

Why Buy John-Richard Pieces?

While the focus may be on artistry, the designers never lose sight of the need for functionality and quality. The collections from this manufacturer bring cohesion to a space.

John-Richard builds decor pieces that will astonish generations of family members, because their love of interior fashion makes these them stand out. Each piece evokes emotion and a sense of true artistic beauty. The design teams at John-Richard take their fervor for detail and turn it into masterpieces that add to any home.

Sleek styling
Distinctive colors
Impressive detail
Rich, vibrant textures

John-Richard offers designs that create flow whether your personal decor style is urban or estate. The pieces you pick from any of the John-Richard interior fashion categories will bring chic sophistication and luxury to each room. If art is your passion, then John-Richard is the right choice. You will find yourself coming back again and again looking for more of the unique furniture, wall art, mirrors and accessories created by the design masters at John-Richard.