1132 Industry Road, Lexington, KY 40505

Jessica Charles When you want a chair, and you want it made right, and you want it to be comfortable and reflect your personality, then Jessica Charles is the company for you. They were founded in 1995 because they were passionate about chairs, and they haven't look back since. From timeless traditional to cutting-edge contemporary to Hollywood regency, if you can dream it, they can create it. They know chairs, and they will give you one that exceeds your wildest expectations in regards to quality, style, and coziness.

The right chair is the perfect finishing touch for any room. It can add flair to a design, provide a function that has yet to be met, and complete a space with panache. The Jessica Charles lineup includes a variety of chairs, including standard accent chairs, swivel chairs, dining room chairs, barstools, and even sleepers and ottomans. At Jessica Charles, they eat, sleep, and dream about all things to do with chairs, and they are obsessed with giving you exactly what you need.

Why Choose Jessica Charles?

Their styles will liven up any space. At Jessica Charles, they understand the importance of an accent chair. It is your chance to show your true personality without committing any design faux pas. That is why they strive to bring a fresh look to classic silhouettes while ensuring every item is refined and stylish.

They take pride in their quality. Their chairs are meticulously hand constructed by the most talented craftsmen in the industry. They use the best materials available to produce an end product that will last for years to come. From their custom-fitted cushions to the precisely cut skirts, no detail is left unnoticed.

They offer complete customization options. They go above and beyond just letting you choose your fabric to place on the desired frame style. At Jessica Charles, they have a vast selection of patterns that will appease even the pickiest design aesthetic. Even their finish options are unique and bring that extra touch to the completed product.

Their chairs are supremely comfortable. What good is a stunning chair if it isn't comfortable when you sit down? According to Jessica Charles, it is pointless. That's why they make comfort a priority by using the finest cushions and padding available. Their chairs conform to your every curve, and once you sit down, you won't want to get up.