Harden The furniture manufacturing marketplace is a highly competitive one, but Harden has been able to stand out for many years because of its commitment to fine craftsmanship. In fact, the company has done more than simply survive; it has thrived because its customers know they can trust Harden for quality craftsmanship.

Harden has expertly blended the old-world craftsmanship techniques with modern techniques, so their furnishings are built to last. These are the pieces you will pass on to your children, and the timeless designs and superior materials will make them treasured heirlooms.

Harden Furniture takes beautiful hardwoods and luxurious fabrics to create stunning pieces you will be proud to display in your home. If your style embraces Mission-inspired furnishings, then consider America's New Mission collection from Harden Furniture. Here, hand applied copper and aluminum decorates rare hardwoods. Many of the pieces are complemented by stained glass.

For a more casual option, opt for the Bristol Channel collection. This rustic Adirondack maple collection will create a relaxed feeling in your home. If you are in the market for gleaming cherry wood, consider the Cabinetmakers Cherry collection. Using ancient wood smith techniques to expose the rich beauty of the wood, these pieces are crafted so that they show off the hand-planed finish on the wood. Or, opt for Classic Cherry for a timeless traditional style reminiscent of the 18th century.

These are just some of the many collections with Harden. Choose Harden, and you will find a piece to match your needs and desires.

Why Choose Harden?

They carefully blend modern techniques with classic craftsmanship for a superior product. Harden doesn't ignore modern technology, but merges it with tried-and-true techniques to ensure that each piece is durable and attractive.

Harden has collections to match all tastes. From the clean, crisp lines of the Natural Transitions collection to the versatile Home Office Solutions and the Old-World inspired European Interpretations, Harden's collections have something for everyone.

Hand-applied details help Harden stand out. From hand-painted details on the Harden's Tapestry collection to the hand-forged metal on most collections, you'll find the handcrafted details that make these true showpieces.