1132 Industry Road, Lexington, KY 40505

Four Hands What happens when you marry unique interior design with eco-friendly manufacturing? Four Hands furniture is the answer. The distinctive style of Four Hands is found only at the best retail stores because the pieces they create are more art than furniture. Founder Brett Hatton built the company around a love for the antiques he saw travelling the silk route from China to Europe.

Four Hands started as an antique import business but in 1996, Hatton switched to manufacturing - adding the same look and sophistication he had fallen in love with during his years on the road to new furniture designs.

The Four Hands Experience

Originality and environmental responsibility - that is the Four Hands difference. This manufacturer specializes in pieces from all over the globe. The company's design experts look to Asia, Europe and North American for inspiration when creating their exceptional work.

The Bina Collection - Artisan Thomas Bina utilizes reclaimed wood to create designs with shabby-chic charm
The Boulevard Collection - Creations that brings urban sophistication into every home with bold patterns and bright upholstery
The Blue Fish Collection - Rustic done with a modern flair

This furniture company builds their eclectic pieces using eco-friendly materials, as well. Hardwood, reclaimed wood, recycled aluminum and other metals are the core components of Four Hand's designs.

With Four Hands, consumers get a variety of decor styles.

Mid-Century Modern