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CTH Sherrill Occasional For furniture that adds character as well as function to a space, choose CTH Sherrill Occasional. CTH Sherrill Occasional has long been the premier choice for buyers who want to create a distinctive space in their home. Exotic designs, clean lines, luxurious upholstery and distinctive decorative elements make each piece from CTH Sherrill Occasional stand out.

By mixing media and styles in their over 800 unique pieces, CTH Sherrill Occasional offers a pleasing blend of traditional and contemporary. These pieces have classic design elements that will help them be a focal point in your home for many years, while also boasting unique materials and modern textures that will make them a welcome addition for the savvy decorator. Whether you are shopping for something formal or something casual, you will find it with CTH Sherrill Occasional.

By shopping with CTH Sherrill Occasional, you can be confident that you are purchasing the finest hand crafted, American made products. The company's Select Collection is hand crafted in North Carolina, offering accent tables, seating and more made from the finest materials. The Select Collection is CTH Sherrill Occasional's premier line.

Yet sometimes you want the exotic feel that comes from an beautiful piece crafted in a foreign location. The Masterpiece Collection offers exactly this. With the Masterpiece Collection, CTH Sherrill Occasional offers the top products from around the world. If you are shopping for a South American carved wooden table or an intricate metal design from India, the Masterpiece Collection has it, and all of these pieces are held to the same design and materials standard of the Select collection.

Why choose CTH Sherrill Occasional?

Exotic designs bring interest to your space. Whether you choose the Select or the Masterpiece Collection, you will find interesting, exotic lines in these pieces, and that will add interest to your home.

Each piece handcrafted from the best materials. Whether from exotic teak or carefully crafted stone, the materials found in CTH Sherrill Occasional help each table, couch or chair stand out.

They offer a wide range of styles. Whether you are looking for something elegant or casual, prefer leather or solid wood or want rattan or metal, you will find something to fit your style.

Extensive selection lets you showcase your individual style. The use of mixed media and the opportunity to mix and match different styles within both lines allows you to create the exact look you want in your home.