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Charleston Forge When you want to bring the sophisticated, rustic look of handmade metal furniture into your home, Charleston Forge is a brand you will want to get to know. They started in 1974 by building fireplace supplies by hand with only iron and fire. Word quickly spread through North Carolina of their commitment to quality and fine craftsmanship, and in 1982, due to popular demand, they added furniture into their repertoire. Today, they are one of the most respected metal furniture manufacturers in the country.

The skilled artisans at Charleston Forge use tried-and-true blacksmithing techniques combined with modern technology to craft a product that is true heirloom quality. They put care and attention into every inch of their furniture, and the result is stunning, functional, inspiring pieces that will bring an industrial element to any room in your home.

Why Choose Charleston Forge?

Each item is handmade by artisans. If you could see inside their factory, you would see a family of craftsmen hammering at hot metal, talented woodworkers hand shaping the top of a table, and artists meticulously applying glazes by hand. There is no machine that could match the level of technique and attention to detail that is put into every piece of Charleston Forge furniture.

They have a wide selection of styles and items. While most metal furniture is considered contemporary or rustic, Charleston Forge does an excellent job at combining their materials in a way that makes them versatile for any design style. Whether you need a table, baker's rack, metal bed, or even a towel rack or plant stand, Charleston Forge makes one that will effortlessly blend with your existing decor.

They only use the finest natural elements available. From top-grain, solid woods to powder-coated wrought iron, Charleston Forge ensures that every material that enters their workspace will holdup to the heirloom quality that is associated with the Charleston Forge name.

They offer comprehensive customization options. Essentially every detail of a Charleston Forge piece can be manipulated to ensure it is the perfect addition to your home decor. From changing up the finish of the hand-painted metal to deciding between a wood, granite, or glass tabletop, you can build your furniture from the ground up. Even if all you have is a rough sketch of what your dream piece of furniture looks like, Charleston Forge will likely be able to turn your drawing into a reality.