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Century Furniture When you want total control over your furniture while getting impeccable styling and flawless design, then Century Furniture is the ideal company for you. They are a three-generation, family-owned company that strives to keep both their customers and employees happy by producing a top-quality product in an environment that values every worker. Century Furniture was founded in 1947 with one goal: The craftsmen creating the furniture get as much joy from it as the people who are going to display it in their home.

Century Furniture is known industry wide as one of the best, and they don't take this responsibility lightly. Whether you are looking for a magnificent statement piece to complete your space or you need to furnish your entire home, Century Furniture has the perfect solution built with quality that will last for generations. From their cutting-edge designs to their unparalleled business practices, Century has won an abundance of awards in the industry, and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Why Choose Century Furniture?

They offer complete customization. If you can dream it, they can make it. They take custom furniture to a whole new level. From altering dimensions to mixing and matching different collections to building a masterpiece that you sketched from scratch, there is nothing they can't do. If custom isn't your thing, they have over 700 ready-made product lines for you to choose from.

Being socially responsible is a priority. Not only is Century Furniture located in North Carolina, with the majority of their furniture produced domestically, they also strive to be eco-friendly. They are always evaluating their carbon footprint looking for places to improve, and they even turn their wood scraps and sawdust into an energy source.

The most skilled artisans in the industry handcraft their furniture. At Century, every piece they create is a work of art, and they only employ the most talented craftsmen to ensure they stay a step ahead of the competition. These artisans will assemble, carve, and hand-finish each piece of furniture with precision.

Their quality is supreme. When you buy a piece of Century Furniture, you don't have to worry about it needing to be replaced in your lifetime. Every piece is meticulously designed so that your great grandchildren can appreciate its splendor just as much as you do.