1132 Industry Road, Lexington, KY 40505

CR Laine For quality furnishings from a company with a lengthy history of quality craftsmanship, choose CR Laine. Since 1958, CR Laine has offered high quality furnishings from a family owned and operated business. Using the same time tested manufacturing processes they have used for decades, CR Laine builds furniture designed to last.

Each piece that comes through CR Laine is carefully constructed from the hardwood base to the final stitching on the upholstery. Each craftsman that touches the piece takes personal responsibility for his or her work, signing off on the individual tasks performed. This pride of craftsmanship shows in the durability and beauty of each piece.

A CR Laine piece starts with a kiln-dried select hardwood frame that is doweled, glued and block reinforced. This makes it a strong, rigid base on which to build the entire piece.

On top of that rugged frame, steel bands and eight-way hand-tied springs are attached to create a strong seating surface. Then, non-absorbent, odor-free polypropylean sheeting is added. The back may feature sinuous wire, individually sewn pocketed coils or polypropylene, depending on the type of seating it is.

Once the frame is covered well, it is then padded for your comfort. The fabric of your choice is then cut and carefully sewn in place to create the pattern of the furniture. The careful tailoring brings the details that cause your CR Laine piece to stand out from the competition. Not only is the tailoring designed to last, but it's also designed to look beautiful.

In addition to their handcrafted upholstered chairs, couches and other pieces, CR Laine also offers a complete line of tables and occasional pieces. These serve as a beautiful complement to the upholstered pieces to create an entire room.

Why Choose CR Laine?

Handcrafted quality using time-tested techniques. CR Laine has been using the same proven techniques since the 1950s to create heirloom quality pieces you will be proud to display in your home.

Extensive line to match your tastes. Whether you choose a classic look or something with a bit more unique character, CR Laine's different lines will offer a great selection for you.

Complementing tables and occasional pieces to match seating. This allows you to create an entire room with coordinating pieces. Craftsman take pride in their work. Individual responsibility is required at every step in the process, and this shows in the quality of the finished design.