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Bernhardt Do you dream about a home filled with furniture that alludes sophistication? Furniture that will define your decor and express your personality while making your home look like it came straight out of a home decor magazine?Introducing Bernhardt, one of the most recognized names for high-quality designer furniture in the world. Since 1889, they have been committed to building a brand on the basic principles of fine craftsmanship while ensuring they operate with the highest business standards.Bernhardt is still owned by its founding family, and they must be doing something right, because year after year they rank among the top selling furniture brands worldwide. They offer full-home collections that epitomize class and grace while maintaining a relaxed aesthetic. It doesn't matter what type of furniture you need, or what type of design style you have, Bernhardt will have the perfect item for your home at a price you can afford.

Why Choose Bernhardt Furniture?

Their designs have impeccable styling. Even though Bernhardt's styles are created for the mass market, they don't settle for ordinary. Each piece they design has a level of uniqueness that can't be found anywhere else. From bone inlays to mirrored end tables, each piece they release is a true work of art, and they have multiple Pinnacle Awards to prove it.

Their furniture is made to last. At Bernhardt, their goal is to create stylish furniture that you won't have to worry about replacing in your lifetime. They use only the best materials and methods to make sure their product maintains a positive reputation in the industry.

They offer an unparalleled warranty. Bernhardt Furniture is so confident with their manufacturing practices that they backup their furniture with warranties unmatched in the industry. Their case goods include a 5-year warranty (most companies give wood products a 1-year backing) and their upholstery has a full 7-year warranty on the frames and springs and a 3-year one on the cushions and mechanisms.

They use ethical business practices. No matter how large their company grows, Bernhardt is always aware of their carbon footprint. They strive to make their seven facilities in North Carolina and six offices in Asia safe and healthy workplaces for all of their employees. They have even won AHFA's Environmental Excellence award for their efficient manufacturing methods.