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If you want something in your home that is a part of history, a true statement piece, and can be a part of your family for many generations, Althorp Living History is the only brand for you. Have you ever imagined what the furniture inside the estate of British royalty looks like? The Althorp Living History line is your chance to experience the grandeur of it first hand. Modeled after the furniture found in Althorp, the current home of the Earl and Countess Spencer and past home of Diana, Princess of Wales, each piece will bring over 500 years of English tradition and heritage to your home.

The Althorp Living History collection is full of meticulously crafted replications of items you will actually find at the Althorp Estate, brought to life by skilled furniture maker Theodore Alexander. From the wall art and tabletop accessories to the beds and cabinetry, you will find fascinating pieces for every room in your home.

Why Choose Althorp Living History?

It is your chance to own a piece of history. They may not be originals, but they are crafted with such perfection that no one will even know the difference. With many of the original items handcrafted specifically for the royal home, each piece from Althorp Living History is sure to be the most visually stunning and frequently talked about item in your home. They use old-world craftsmanship techniques. In order to maintain the integrity of the replications, Althorp Living History employs true artisans that are skilled in the techniques used on the original pieces. Each intricate detail is hand crafted, hand painted, and hand sewn so that the furniture can be in your family for generations. They have unique decorative items. Large furniture pieces are not the only thing you will find in the Althorp Living History line. They have a stunning selection of free-standing and tabletop accessories, paintings, lamps, mirrors, and accent tables that will make your home stand out from the crowd. They have items for every style. Even though many of the pieces found in the Althorp Living History collection are indeed regal in nature, there are still items to be found for even the most modern home. The items they carry are as varied and fascinating as the many occupants the estate has seen over the past five centuries.