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Accents Beyond
If you are having a hard time finding the perfect piece of furniture to serve a unique purpose or fit a specific space, then Accents Beyond may have exactly what you have been searching for. Since, 1996, they have been specializing in hand-painted casegoods, accessories, and lamps that fit a niche not found in very many furniture lines. Whether you are looking for an umbrella stand, secretary, trunk, screen, lamp, or even a decorative box or serving tray, Accents Beyond will have the perfect item for you.

Even though the pieces from Accents Beyond are at a mid-range price point, they do not lack in attention to detail and craftsmanship. Each hand-painted detail is performed by a genuine artisan that puts everything he has into each piece. With distinctive styles taken from all across the world, Accents Beyond is sure to have something that will add pizazz and personality to your space while meeting your specific needs.

Why Choose Accents Beyond?

Their items are unique. They don't just have the basic tables and chairs that you can find everywhere, they also specialize in items that are hard to find, like the perfect trunk to put at the foot of your bed or an umbrella stand that fits in flawlessly with your decor.

Each piece is made with care. The artisans who hand paint the items in the Accents Beyond collections are committed to making each line, swirl, and dot look perfect from every angle. When you buy a piece of furniture from Accents Beyond, you are purchasing a work of art.

Their value is hard to find. Accents Beyond offers a durable, high-quality product at an affordable price. Even though their furniture is hand painted and made with solid wood, they can still sell it at an amount that fits in almost any budget.

They keep most of their items in stock. When you place an order with Accents Beyond, you can usually get it very quickly. They strive to keep every piece in stock at their High Point, North Carolina location, so you don't have to wait forever to get your furniture. They understand that when you are excited to get one of their beautiful pieces in your home, every day matters.