Drexel Heritage Nouvelle Dining Table Pedesta

Item#: 587-690

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Drexel Heritage Nouvelle Dining Table Pedesta

Description :
Burnished Brass finish. Overall diameter based on top selection.

Pedestal base available with the following items:
234-003 48” Glass Top
234-006 54” Glass Top
234-010 60” Glass Top
(Decorative Bridge Plate also required when ordering a glass top)

587-623ST 48” Stone Top
587-624ST 54” Stone Top
587-625ST 60” Stone Top
Verna Giallo Granite Stone

587-626WT 48” Wood Top
587-627WT 54” Wood Top
587-628WT 60” Wood Top

Wood Tops -
Drexel Heritage Wood Stains and Drexel Custom Paints are available at no charge.
Heritage Custom Paints, Hues™ and Premium Hues™ Custom Paints are also available for additional charge.

Dimension : 31" Dia.

Style Number : 587-690