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Tommy Bahama Island Fusion

Tommy Bahama Island Fusion

Looking for a style that lets you escape to the islands while still having enough sophistication for everyday living more “inland?” Say no more land lubbers! Check out one of the newest furniture collections by Lexington Home Brands and Tommy Bahama, the Island Fusion collection. With a refined yet simple style, Pan-Asian design adds great value to visual composition, clean disciplined lines and the goal of infusing tranquility into today’s contemporary décor.

The Island Fusion line introduces us to the Zen side of Tommy Bahama, departing from the more casual, beachy collections like Island Estate and Ocean Club, exhibiting more sophistication and contemporary style. The entire collection is characterized by strong vertical and horizontal lines blended with natural materials. Contemporary elements such as custom hammered metal hardware, the dark walnut finish, and leather, cork, and coconut shell accents, define this amazing collection.

Tommy Bahama Island FusionSeveral pieces feature Pan-Asian fretwork design which gives the collection a dramatic visual aesthetic. Textural, geometric patterned fabrics soften the bold lines yet compliment the architectural elements, while molded fused glass on several occasional pieces blend organic lines with the beauty of glass to give the illusion of moving water.

The result is a striking modern expression of personal style, with a vibe that feels relaxed and livable. Statement pieces define the room, while custom upholstery offers an invitation to enjoy the laid-back comfort of casual sophisticated living.

Hancock and Moore Leather Classes

Choosing a specific leather for your upholstery can be a challenge. Most manufacturers have multiple levels or classes of leathers with varying properties, styles, feel, and durability levels. Hancock and Moore is a pinnacle of quality when it comes to leather furniture, and the type of leather you choose can account for 1/3 of the overall cost of your sofa. Hancock and Moore Leather Classes are graded among 5 levels- keep reading to learn more about each level and how they fit into your lifestyle.

All of the Hancock and Moore leather classes are first based on quality. They have a preference for raw hides from 18 month old steers, primarily sourced from the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. This preference allows for maximum control of quality, durability, and consistency among the hides. With over 400 color and finish choices, and with 4 to 7 hides needed for most sofas (that’s 260-400 sq ft) it is very important that leathers are very selectively chosen. Every Hancock and Moore sofa takes an average of 80 hours of labor to complete, so getting the leather right the first time is paramount.

All of the Hancock and Moore leather classes are top grain leathers. This means they do not use bonded leathers (made from blended leather scraps), or split leathers (made from a thin layer of real leather backed with other materials and covered in polyurethane.) This ensure maximum durability, and soft feel.

Class 1 leathers are top grain fully corrected leathers. These leathers are sanded to remove minor imperfections such as cattle brands or scars and are embossed with a pleasing, natural grain texture before being sprayed with a protective pigment. This ensures uniformity of color and texture. These leathers are exceptionally durable and are easiest to clean among the Hancock and Moore leather classes. Our most popular leathers in this class are Gunner and Supple.

Class 2 leathers are top grain leathers that have been lightly sanded (only noticeable to the expert eye) and have been subjected to automated techniques to add surface effects such as multiple color levels and distressing. These leathers are also repeatedly tumbled to achieve a soft, supple texture. These leathers are also lightly sprayed with a protective coating to ensure durability and ease of cleaning. Examples of popular leathers in this class are Dream and Piazza.

Class 3 leathers are top grain leathers that are specifically chosen from the top percentage of hides, that are hand-rubbed by master craftsmen for effects with multiple colors. This skilled-labor intensive technique creates a very soft feel in a natural grain leather with maximum depth of color and color effects. These leathers will also develop a beautiful patina as they age, noticeable among the variations in color.

Class 4 leathers are the pinnacle of natural leathers among all Hancock and Moore Leather Classes. These leathers are barely processed natural leathers that exemplify “pure” or “naked” leathers which have not been sanded, embossed, or corrected to account for naturally occurring cattle brands, scars, or wrinkles. These leathers exhibit maximum softness and are unprotected to ensure that this softness and natural hand is noticeable. As such, these leathers must be treated with a different level of care as stains and scratches will be much more evident. Examples of our most popular Class 4 leathers are Capri and Quintescence.

Class 5 leathers are specialty leathers with specific style applications. Many of these leathers are embossed in metallic finishes, rare finishes (such as alligator leather), or are hair on hide applications. These leathers are often made using bison, deer, or lambskin, and can take more hides to create the same frame of sofa.

If you would like to learn more about the different Hancock and Moore Leather Classes, contact on of our professionals at our store by calling 859-254-4412. You can also visit our website www.lexfurniture.com

Henredon Fireside Custom Furniture

Sometimes the perfect furniture just isn’t available in the sizes or fabrics combinations that you need. We understand that the interior design of your room and the furniture within it can be as unique as your personality and fingerprint. That’s why we work with our manufacturers to develop custom furniture programs that allow you to create exactly what you need with your style and specifications in mind. The Henredon Fireside Custom Program is one of our premier custom upholstery programs that gives you the ultimate in flexibility. Choose from many upholstery options to create your own unique upholstered seating that fits your style. Fireside designs are available in standard to jumbo sizes, fabric or leather. With thousands of possible combinations, your imagination is the only limitation.


The Henredon Fireside Custom Upholstery collection begins with basic decisions about the frame and construction of your furniture before moving into fabric and finishes. The program boasts that frames within the collection are available “by the inch.” There are an amazing 67 frame combinations that can be made in customized dimensions! You can see all of the possible frames by clicking here. Each basic frame is available in 17 arm styles, 11 back and cushion options, and ten base or leg options.

If your customer creation has exposed wood, there are 12 standard wood finish options, and 12 custom finish options. Just choose one of the 12 tempting hues; ranging from aged ivory, to soft slate grey, or pomegranate and weathered black. Next, you can add a surface treatment such as Primary, Antiqued, or Patinaed, and complete your masterpiece with gold or silver leaf tipping.

And when you are finally ready to find the perfect fabric or leather cover for your perfect custom piece, The Henredon Fireside Custom Program offers hundreds of options… or use your own custom fabric!

If you would like to learn more about the Henredon Fireside Custom Furniture Program, contact one of our furniture experts at 859-254-4412 or visit our website at www.lexfurniture.com

Decorating with a Round Dining Table

Are you considering a round dining table for your home and having issues figuring out what type of table will be best for you or how to place it in the room? We can help! We asked our on-staff interior designers about how to make the most out of a room with a round table and these are the tips and ideas that they came up with.

Maybe you’re asking, why do people decorate with a round dining table in the first place? New home construction places a premium on larger living spaces and open concept design. Fewer families are using dining rooms (mine only gets used on Holidays) and are congregating in family rooms and kitchens. Because of this, dining room footprints have been getting smaller and smaller. Round dining tables not only soften a room with a lack of hard edges, but maximize your seating space with minimal overall square footage.

Round tables also serve a purpose as a great way to get family and friends closer in a way that invites conversation. A round table has no head or foot. It has no beginning, and no end. Every person seated at the table has equal access to both the item on the table and the conversation around it.

Round dining tables also come with their own set of problems. To maximize seating, many people purchase tables that are functionally too large for their space. Sizes of round tables are somewhat limited. Finding the perfect round oriental rug to anchor the room requires the correct size and style. And other considerations such as whether the table can be centered in the room take on added importance.

Here are a few points to consider before selection your round dining table.

First, measure your room well and roughly lay out any other furniture that will be with the table. Sideboards, servers, and dining hutches can take up a considerable amount of space. You want to be able to center the table in the room if possible to visually balance the setting. Make sure that you are able to comfortably pull the chairs away from the table and sit down without coming off of any oriental rugs or hitting other furniture.

Second, while custom made tables can be made in any size, most manufacturers stick with a standard size of 36″, 48″, 54″ and 60″ diameter tops. 54″ inch tops are the most popular that we sell at our store. Take these sizes into account with chair options before finalizing your purchase.

If possible, make sure that your round dining table is centered in the room or on any major focal points such as large windows, mirrors, or lighting fixtures.

Dining chair sizes vary greatly. Most customers elect use either arm chairs or arm-less chairs solely instead of a combination of both. If you decide to use arm chairs, measure to ensure that the top of the arms will comfortably fit underneath the table top. Want to know how many chairs you can easily fit around the table? Use this equation we got directly from the interior design pros: (Diameter of your table x 3.14) / (width of a single chair)

Some tables allow for seating to be expanded with the use of leaves. Round dining tables are no exception, although there are not as many. Expansions may be made by adding leaves to the center of the table (creating an oval) or by adding leave to the circumference of the table. In either case, make sure that you take in this added square footage when measuring out how much space the table will occupy in your room.

If you would like to learn more, visit our showroom and speak with one of our on-staff interior designers. You can also see a huge selection of round dining tables on our website at www.lexfurniture.com

Hancock and Moore Austin Sofa

Some things just never go out of style. Classic cars, Aviator sunglasses, the Little Black Dress, and yes- the leather sofa. While frame styles and leather colors are constantly changing, some classic pieces have only gotten better with age. The Hancock and Moore Austin Sofa definitely falls in this category. Due to the frame’s amazing comfort and durability, the Austin sofa continues to be a favorite among customers and interior designers alike.

Hancock and Moore Austin Sofa

Beyond the amazing construction and quality, the Hancock and Moore Austin Sofa excels in style and beautiful design. The standard sofa frame offers three cushion seating with double back cushions for added comfort. Rolled arms and a delicate curve to the back add just enough detail to get your attention without being overly intrusive. Additional details such as masterful stitching and nailhead trim add to the overall clean and classic design. Hancock and Moore builds this frame by hand, and the attention to detail is apparent in both look and feel.

The Hancock and Moore Austin Sofa is just one of the many configurations that is available for the Austin frame. The standard length sofa is available in both high and low back heights. The frame is also offered as a loveseat, chair and ottoman, recliner, sectional, power reclining sofa, and sleeper sofa. For those of you with challenging dimensions, custom lengths can be made to order. The comfort of these pieces is created by impeccable quality in materials and construction. Qualex cushion cores (polyfoam surrounded by dacron wrapped in muslin) are the finest cushion core available, providing support from a soft seat. The frame is a kiln-dried solid maple hardwood frame (for superior strength and durability.) Seat springs are eight-way hand-tied, four rows deep per seat, using a heavy gauge coil spring and steel banded. This construction ensures support among each cushion and makes sure that your seats will never sag or drop.

We normally stock the Hancock and Moore Austin Sofa in our most popular leathers such as Portfolio Tobacco. (This frame is available in a wide variety of leathers, fabrics, or a combination of both.) The Portfolio collection of leathers are premium top grain protected leathers made from select steer hides. This provides a very soft leather with minimal imperfections or blemishes, with a protective coating that allows you to actually live on this leather. The comfort leather is second to none and the quality and durability is an amazing value for the price.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the Hancock and Moore Austin Sofa, you’re missing out! Visit our showroom to experience it in person or click here to see it on our website. You’ll be glad to you did.

King Hickory Sofa Construction

Quality construction is one of the main concerns for the buyers at our store.  If the durability and value is not present, the product never makes it to our showroom floor.  One example of great construction for a very reasonable price is a King Hickory Sofa.

King Hickory Sofa Construction

The quality story at King Hickory is extensive, utilizing the finest traditions of quality and dependability. By using the latest computerized technology and materials,  skilled craftsmen produce a product that provides lasting beauty and comfort for everyday life.  In other words, beautiful on the outside, durable on the inside.

The journey for a King Hickory Sofa begins with the frame.  These frames are constructed using kiln-dried solid hardwoods at least 1.25″ in diameter.  Joints within these frames are connected using double dowel rods and are glued for strength.  All corners will also be reinforced, being blocked, glued, and then screwed into place.  For most frames, the legs are extensions of the frame, and are not glued or screwed on.  All of this ensures a strong, durable base upon which the rest of the sofa will be constructed.

Next on the agenda is the construction of the spring system.  All of the best upholstery available will feature eight-way hand-tied spring bases.  This ensures that your cushions will sit evenly and comfortably for years of use.  These spring bases are made of double cone, high carbon, tempered steel springs.  Front edges of many frames are built with springs to extend cushion like when the styling of the sofa allows, and steel reinforced webbing is added at the base of the frame for support.

Now that we have built a base that can handle a lifetime of use, we can focus on the comfort factors.  Seat cushions are made from a core of high resiliency foam.  These cushion cores are wrapped in a bag with other fibers for maximum comfort and to keep the top of the cushion from sagging.  Back cushions are not only fiber filled, but are constructed with channels for added protection against sagging.

The final step in making our King Hickory Sofa is the fabric selection.  Fabrics will be the most visible sign of quality with upholstered furniture.  King Hickory has a HUGE selection of fabrics in varying patterns, colors, and textures to choose from.  All frames with skirts are fully lined and tailored.  Patterns on fabrics will be matched top to bottom, and from side to side.  Even outside backs of these sofas (excluding camelback styles) will be matched.  Welts are also considered for most frame styles and will be matched to fabric pattern.

So with all of this effort going into creating a beautiful piece of upholstery that is made to last generations, you would expect a hefty price tag, right?  Wrong.  Our store offers a large variety of King Hickory Sofa frames and fabric choices for under $1500.00  That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Come in and see one of our on-staff interior designers to learn more about King Hickory.  You can also see more of what they have to offer on our website here.  you can also visit the manufacturer’s website here.  THANK YOU to all of our awesome customers!

Hancock and Moore Sundance Sofa

You could say that we are known locally and nationally for our selection of fine quality leather furniture.  It’s kinda what we do best… If we had to choose just one sofa that our designers are crazy about right now, it would be the Hancock and Moore Sundance Sofa (frame number 4716.)

Hancock and Moore Sundance Sofa

Beyond the amazing construction and quality (read on for more on this) the Sundance sofa excels in style and beautiful design.  This frame exhibits 3 over 3 seating (3 seat and back cushions) and just enough curve in the back and arms to get your attention without being overly intrusive.  Adding to the elegant curves are tufted areas on the sides and back that add detail and intricacy that allow this sofa to be floated in a room.  The back and sides are just as beautiful as the front, and that makes this sofa a favorite among interior designers.

The Hancock and Moore Sundance Sofa is also available as a loveseat, chair, and recliner.  The comfort of these pieces is created by impeccable quality in materials and construction.  Qualex cushion cores (polyfoam surrounded by dacron wrapped in muslin) are the finest cushion core available, providing support from a soft seat.   The frame is a kiln-dried solid maple hardwood frame (for superior strength and durability.)  Seat springs are eight-way hand-tied, four rows deep per seat, using a heavy gauge coil spring and steel banded.  This construction ensures support among each cushion and makes sure that your seats will never sag or drop.

We normally stock the Hancock and Moore Sundance Sofa in leathers such as Portfolio Tobacco or Claret.  The Portfolio collection of leathers are premium top grain protected leathers made from select steer hides.  This provides a very soft leather with minimal imperfections or blemishes, with a protective coating that allows you to actually live on this leather.  The comfort leather is second to none and the quality and durability is an amazing value for the price.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the Hancock and Moore Sundance Sofa, you’re missing out!  Visit our showroom to experience it in person or click here to see it on our website.  You’ll be glad to you did.

Leather Furniture Care

Proper leather furniture care is essential in ensuring that your quality leather furniture investment will last through years of use.  Use these tips to make sure you care for your leather in the best way possible.

Leather Furniture Care

First, you will need to determine what type of leather you have.  Three main types of leather are top grain, spit hides, and boded leathers.  For most high quality furniture, top grain is preferred for its durability, feel, and color.

Next, find out if your leather is protected or non-protected.  Protected leathers have a layer of coating that seals and protects the leather from spills, stains, and wear and tear of daily use.  Unprotected leather has no coating and while exhibiting the best feel, is very susceptible to stains and use marks.  Protected leathers can be cleaned using proper techniques- unprotected leathers must be cleaned by professionals and some issues may not be repairable.  Consider these two options before finalizing your purchasing decision.

Leather, like any other material will fade in direct sunlight.  Leather furniture care requires that you avoid direct sunlight if at all possible.

Protected leathers (usually a finished leather) do not maintain their protected coating indefinitely.  Cleaning these leathers properly will extend the life of this protective coating.  Use a damp (not wet) clean cloth to keep the surface clean.  Most furniture store carry cleaning and protective supplies.  Clean and re-protect your leather on a regular basis.  The top of the arms, the head rest area, and the seat area around your knees are where most leather will come in contact with bare skin and will become soiled.  Clean these areas regularly.

Nubuck, analine, and unprotected leathers should be cleaned with a new cotton cloth.  To clean soiled areas, contact a leather service professional or contact Leather Master (www.uniters.com) for specific cleaning products.

Do not clean any leather with soap and water without specific instructions stating that you can do so.  Specialty leathers are delicate and cannot be cleaned in this manner.

Leather is considered the most durable upholstery material and can truly be a work of art in the correct manufacturer’s hands.  Correct leather furniture care will keep your leather looking good for years to come.  For more information, contact one of our leather professionals at 859-254-4412.  You can see more of our beautiful leather furniture options at www.lexfurniture.com

Furniture design fit for a Queen, designed by William Yeoward

William Yeoward is branded one of London’s leading creative forces, with a reputation as a style maker, retailer and designer of beautiful products for the home.

Furniture design fit for a Queen

Lexington Furniture is proud to carry the William Yeoward Furniture brand in our Lexington, KY showroom and online at Lexington Furniture Company.

“It’s simple,” Yeoward says, “I just design what I would like to have in my home and fortunately there are other people who seem to like it too!  Buying my work should bring long term pleasure not instant gratification and then years of disappointment!”  William possesses a rare combination of a prolific creative talent coupled with a natural commercial flair and an enviable rapport with the press and design conscious clients alike. He is known for his sophisticated, elegant and highly individual style. He is a man who cares very much and strives tirelessly to perfect his trade.

Visit William Yeoward today and then call us with any questions. 859.254.4412

Types of Rugs

Woven Rugs: Woven rugs are produced on large looms and made in much the same manner that fabric is manufactured. The piles can be berber, which are looped – and plush, which are cut.  There are some newer types that contain both.  Woven rugs usually include multiple colors and designs and tend to be more expensive due to the manner of their production.

Needle Felt Rugs: Needle felt rugs are manufactured by electrostatic attraction of individual fibers which form an exceptionally durable rug. During the production of needle felt rugs, fibers are compressed on a textile such as foam with the help of needles. Needle felt rugs are most often used in commercial establishments where there is heavy traffic.

Tufted Rugs: Tufted rugs have their piles injected into the backing material, which is then bonded to an additional backing material in order to provide maximum durability and stability. Tufted rugs are the most common types of rugs used around the world.

Embroidered Rugs: Embroidered rugs are produced by applying stitches on a base cloth – usually linen. A great deal of craftsmanship is required to establish the embroidery and as a result, these carpets usually involve a long manufacturing process a higher price tag.

Braided Rugs: Braided rugs feature a distinct weaving texture. The braids are arranged in such a way that the yarns appear as if they have been woven together.  Yarn used in this type of rug varies from synthetic and cotton fibers to jute and sisal. These rugs are generally used as outdoor mats or accents rugs.

Hooked Rugs: A hooked rug is a simple type of rug made by hand.  Using a sturdy backing fabric – generally burlap – strips of cloth such as cotton or wool are pulled through the mesh. This type of rug is usually made as a handcraft now and older ones are considered much-valued antiques.

Flat Woven Rugs: Flat woven rugs like Dhurries and Kilims are constructed without a pile.  Weft yarns are woven through warps creating a pattern on both sides – which is why they are reversible. These rugs are usually made from wool or cotton and are quite durable and easy to clean.

Hand-knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are the original, where the art of rug-making began. They are also sometimes referred to as “Oriental rugs” or Persian rugs” because of the area of their origin. Today most hand-knotted rugs come from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, India, Morocco and Nepal. These rugs are almost always made from wool or silk, though sometimes they can be made from both. The reason these rugs are prized above all other rugs is the manner in which they are made. Each pile (or tuft) of these rugs is tied to the weft (backing material) by hand. The time and talent it requires to create such a masterpiece is reflected in the price tag.

Choosing a Rug

When choosing a rug for your home, there are several considerations to make.  First, the STYLE of rug you want; this will depend on where it is to be used and the type of foot traffic it will experience. Next, consider the SIZE of the rug needed – this will largely depend on your room arrangement.  Finally you must consider the PATTERN of the rug you are looking for; do you want an intricate pattern to serve as a focal point in the room or do you need a solid color to tie your furnishings together?  While you’re making this all-important decision, here’s some helpful info to consider…

Life & Style

The most important things to consider when purchasing a rug are 1) the style that you most enjoy and 2) the life that rug will lead. If you prefer a trendy home and want the ability to change décor easily, then by all means, buy accordingly.  But if you want a rug to last for years, buy the best you can afford. For a rug that’s going to last, you’ll want to make sure it can hold up to your lifestyle. Are you placing your rug in a high-traffic area, such as a hallway or family room? Do you have young children or pets? If so, you’ll want to go with a rug that’s durable and easy to clean, like wool, seagrass or a newer synthetic blend. And keep in mind; a dark-colored, patterned rug will hide stains or dirt in areas of high-activity.  Since this rug will be a staple of your home’s design for years to come, make sure you purchase a rug that will live up to that.  Don’t let yourself be talked into a style that just isn’t you. You might like it, but do you love it?

Size & Shape

Before you embark on your search for the perfect rug you’ll need to know a few things: the size of the room the rug will be going in, the approximate size of the rug you want and the layout of your furniture.

Here are a few tips:

Living Room: choose a size that covers at least the length and width of your furniture. A 5′ x 8′ or 6′ x 9′ rug is a good size to place furniture around for a cozy area. To utilize more of the space, select a larger rug that outlines the perimeter of the area.

Dining room: a rug should always be large enough to allow space for chairs, even when pulled away from the table. A good rule of thumb is to measure your table and add two to three more feet.

Don’t cover up the floor completely though! Try to have about 18 inches of it showing around the perimeter of the room.

If you still can’t decide, try using painter’s tape to measure off the size you’re thinking about, this will help you visualize the amount of floor coverage that you’ll get.


Almost there! Now it’s time to take stock of what colors you’re already working with.  To make the room come together you’ll want a rug that ties in the main colors you already have.

If you’re choosing your rug in person, take some samples of your colors with you; think drapes, throw pillows, and paint swatches. It can be quite difficult to picture how all the colors will look together if you don’t have samples.  If you’re purchasing online you’ll just have to hope for the best, though some companies will send you rug swatches.

If your primary furniture, such as a sofa, is a solid color, consider selecting a patterned rug.

Match the secondary color in a patterned rug to your sofa. Match the third rug color to your pillows, drapes, wall color or other accents in the room.

If your primary furniture is upholstered in a pattern or is elaborate in design, a solid-colored rug would work really well.

Make sure a solid-colored rug compliments your sofa color, and match it to the accent colors in the room, such as artwork or a vase.

Since a rug serves to anchor the room, the color and style of your rug can establish the mood.
Dark, rich colors help define a more intimate space while lighter colors make a smaller space
appear larger. Spicy hues such as yellow, orange or red add warmth while cool colors create
calm, especially in a sunny room.

Got it? Now it’s time to go rug shopping. Happy hunting!

From the Owner…

My name is Hugh James.  I am the owner of Lexington Furniture Company in Lexington, Kentucky.  After 36 years in the business, I have about seen it all.  Today I had one of those calls that I really enjoy.  If it has to do with quality and value, it can be very satisfying.  A customer called and said she had bought 2 chairs from us in 1994 and the fabric had worn out.  Her question was should she buy new chairs?  Now you have to realize that I make a living selling new furniture.  However, I am big on telling the truth, or at least saying what I really think.  She really likes the chairs which makes the answer even easier.  The manufacturer was Taylor King, which is very nice quality.  So this is what I said.  “You like the chairs and the quality is great.  What you should do is find new fabric and recover these chairs.  The frame is hardwood construction, double doweled, screwed, and glued.  The springs are 8 way hand tied, all steel banded, and webbed.   In short, this is the best construction in the market place, so why would you even consider buying new?”  Folks, the value in furniture is buying something that lasts, so you can really get your dollars worth.

I hear people all the time say I don’t want that good of quality, because I like to change often.  I understand changing a look, but I also understand this is the most expensive way to buy furniture.  You can change your look by using new fabrics, changing the placement of your furniture, or by using new accessories to accent what you already have.  I have been in many homes down through the years, and I have seen gorgeous homes that keep the same furniture, just update covers, window treatments, and rugs.

For me buying good and keeping it a long time is the only way to go.  I have two Henredon sofas in my family room that are thirty-five years old.  They started with the original fabric and have been recovered twice.  They have been through raising two kids, four dogs, numerous parties both adult and children, and countless spills.  Guess what?  They are just as good now as the day I bought them.  Maybe even better.

In conclusion, I am big on value.  It doesn’t matter what I buy, I want quality.  To me quality equals value.  It is very true you get what you pay for.


Hugh James

Upholstery Made For You

Upholstery Made For You

Let’s face it. Our lives are busy, filled with long days and hectic schedules. At the end of the day, we long to come home and relax on that perfect sofa or comfy chair. Here at Lexington Furniture Company, I think you’ll find that extra special piece of furniture you’ve been longing for.

When looking for upholstery, you will want to consider the construction. My favorite is the eight way hand tied system with a full web bottom. This is traditionally known as the best technique for ensuring long lasting comfort and are characteristics found in high quality furniture.

Selecting the proper seat and back cushion will also help determine the comfort level of your upholstery. There are many different options available from soft to medium to extra firm. Whatever you choose, take time to explore the different options and select the right one that is most comfortable for you. If the option you choose costs a little more, I personally think it is money well spent. After all, you do want to enjoy your new purchase to the fullest.

Our very talented and experienced staff can assist you with finding that perfect fabric for your sofa or chair. Please consider giving attention to custom details to create that “WOW” factor. These details are what make any upholstered piece of furniture extra special and a “one of a kind”. Get creative by adding nail head trim, custom welting, and contrasting throw pillows with decorative fringe or cord. Perhaps you might even consider a contrasting band at the bottom of the skirt. Don’t get intimidated with all the choices. Have fun with it and create a design to reflect your unique style!

Classic Accessories: Standing the Test of Time – Part 1

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” ~ William Morris

Before you get started accessorizing your home there are a few things you should think about. First, think SCALE. Is this a small room that will look easily cluttered or is this a large room that needs to be made cozy? Next think USE. Who will be using this room and for what purpose? Is this a formal living room that will only be used for entertaining or is this a family room that will be the scene of most of the day’s activities? Above all, the most important thing to consider is: WHAT KINDS OF ITEMS DO YOU WANT TO SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH? That’s right. Think about it. These items will be part of your daily life. You will look at them literally thousands of times. They will be in your immediate eye line and in the background of all your photos. Choose carefully. (Meaning: Don’t just run out and buy some random vases or toss some wicker balls in a big glass bowl. Trust me, no one wants to inherit those things. So don’t just buy – consider, invest, love.) And in the meantime, here are some classics that you won’t regret having…

1) The Elegant Mirror: Everyone needs a mirror. Whether it’s over the mantle or in the front hall, there’s no better way to brighten a room or make a space feel larger. It’s perfect for that last-minute glance as you walk (okay, run) out the door and it can always be a classy stand-in until you get around to choosing artwork.

2) Picture Frames: Everyone loves black and white photos in silver frames. Go ahead and splurge. Get the good ones. Get them engraved. You won’t regret it. Family photos in lovely frames never go out of style.

3) Candlesticks: Whether you prefer brass, silver, ceramic or mercury glass, a candlestick will always be an acceptable accessory. They can be useful as well as beautiful since they can always be used in holiday decorating or power outages. And never (not once) will you look at them and say, “Oh those are SO last year!”

4) Throw Pillows: The simplest way to add color or update the look of a room is throw pillows. Don’t be stingy; you need more than two. At least four for the sofa and one or two for the chairs. It’s always a good idea to incorporate more than one pattern. A stripe, a floral and a print will look better than just two florals or a floral and a stripe. A matching throw (in a solid color) draped over the back of the sofa will pull the look together and serve as a snuggly item to keep you warm when you’re reading that new book.

5) Plants: Every room needs something living in it. A classic palm, a small succulent, an exotic bloom – any room feels better with a little greenery.

6) Magazine Holder: Whether it’s a lacquered tray or a seagrass basket, somewhere to keep your magazines and Sunday paper is essential.

7) The Ottoman: This can act as a coffee table or a side table; sometimes it provides storage for blankets or extra seating at parties. The best part is: it doesn’t have to match. You can use the ottoman as an opportunity to incorporate a bold color, an interesting texture or exciting print.

So there you have it: a few accessorizing ideas to get you started! Do you have your own ideas on what makes the classic list?

How to buy leather furniture…part three:Feel and Hand?


Let’s talk about perhaps one of the most important aspects of buying leather furniture – how it feels…

So you might have read the title of this post and had the same reaction most people would when you start talking about the hand of a piece of leather.  There are number of qualities that can be prescribed to a piece of leather; the color, strength, aniline dyed, etc.  But how is it that you describe how it actually feels when you touch it?  It could have specific attributes like a waxed finish or raw.  This is called the “hand” of the leather.  What’s it like when you are settling in for the latest “Dancing with the Stars” with you feet kicked up on the ottoman?

How comfortable is the leather you are looking at?  Some leather has a natural stiffness to it when it gets put into finished form.  Some leather (think leather gloves) will fit and conform to what ever it is put around.  This makes a big difference when what you are looking for it the sheen of a waxed leather but want the comfort of something much softer.  If sitting on the piece with you leather on it is not an option, get the leather sample and really bend it and stretch it to see how it reacts.  Some of the nicest looking pieces we have seen come through the store have both qualities to it, a great hand and the feel of a hand crafted masterpiece.

How to buy quality leather furniture…part two: Construction!


So last blog post we talked about the importance of what you are sitting on and what it is built from.  If you missed that post, check it out here.  Hancock and Moore is definitely one of the best in the industry and is still made here in the good ole’ US of A.  Kudos to them.

Next lets move on to something you might not consider: how it is actually put together.

Some of the lower quality manufacturers use plywood in some of the more difficult spots or even worse, cardboard.  We have all seen the sofas and chairs that the arm is sunk in because that beautiful child you have wouldn’t stop sitting on the arm.  That happens because the cardboard bends or the staples pull out of it.  Plywood is just thin sheets of wood glued together and while it certainly has its uses, sofa frames is not one of them.

Think about how much time you spend on your sofa or chair.  You are making an investment in this furniture and want it to last a long time.  So why not really consider what is underneath?

Here is the truth.  Double doweled, glued and screwed is the way to go.  Kind of easy to remember and rhymes a little too.  Double doweling give the joint integral strength and glueing it makes sure that it doesn’t go anywhere.  But manufacturers like Hancock and Moore and Henredon take that extra step to insure that the joints stay tight by screwing it too!  This adds that little extra that can make your furniture last for years.  Some companies just screw the joints together.  So once the screws are loose, its just a matter of time before your piece finds its way to Goodwill.  Some companies just staple (gasp!).  Hancock and Mooreand Henredon do it right by doing all three.

So the next time you have a chance to sit on the sofa, think about what it is thats holding you up.  Will it last?  Or is it one cannonball from your first born away from ending up on the curb?